Keyboard Battle! SwiftKey vs. Swype vs. Minuum

With iOS 8s arrival comes a slew of new features (and bug infestations), one of which Android users aren't completely unfamiliar with, keyboard apps. This hasn't ever been a huge thing that'd make people swap over but it did pique my curiosity. Now that I have the capability I went to downloading a few and the top 3 that appear to be making the rounds are SwiftKey, Swype, and Minuum. Now I don't need 3 keyboards but I wanted to give each their fair chance and have been rotating them every time I typed anything on my iPhone 5C. After a couple of weeks, here are the results.

Jasmine Review

When they removed the YouTube app from iOS 6, it took Google awhile before they got their own app out there. Ever since this event, I found and chose an app called Jasmine to take over and never went back to YouTubes app even after the subsequent release ceremoniously topped the Best Free Apps list. Now I'm here to talk about my 2+ years experience with Jasmine and the ups and downs to bring me here to this moment in time.

Manga Rock (Best Manga Reader) Review

I've reviewed quite a few manga reading apps in the past. For the last several months I've settled down with one I find to be quite amiable to all my needs. Unless Manga Meow or Manga MF have had significant updates in the past year or so and fixed some of the problems I had with them that I'm unaware of, I'm sticking with alternatives that work. Disk space is an important concern after all. If I've firmly planted my feet down, Manga Rock must be good right?


I'd like to review this app, but it'd really be a review of the service itself. If you've never heard of If This Then That, it's a social service that automates your online experience. And it's wonderful.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room

The Professor Layton franchise is a long running series of puzzle games for the Nintendo DS platform which combines deep gripping plot, a creative art style, and a variety of clever puzzles that make full use of the touch screen. When a spin off was announced and quite unceremoniously released for the iOS platform, I was looking forward to solving similar puzzles on the go. But that wasn't the game I should have been expecting apparently. Layton Brothers Mystery Room is something a little different.