Golf games and touch screen devices go extremely well together like steak and potatoes. You can have a full on golf experience like EAs Tiger Woods franchise that's easily playable on iPad and iPhone alike and also have an arcade game like Flick Golf! Wonderputt is one such game that is only playable on the tablet and is interesting even if you don't like golf.

Compatible: iPad 2+

Price: $1

It became evident that I needed an upgrade to my 1st Gen iPad when I kept hitting a wall whenever I saw games or apps in the App Store that took my fancy. That along with not getting iOS 6 made it evident that I needed a boost in iPad power especially when I use it as a portable graphic tablet. So when I got the 4th Gen iPad and my iPad experience opened wide open. That's why I'm now able to play games like Bastian, Machinarium and the game I'm highlighting today, Wonderputt.

There's no zooming in here. This is the screen you'll be getting acquainted with most of the game

Wonderputt isn't a deep experience, you only have one level which has 18 holes but what do you expect for a dollar? Visually stunning, addictive in short bursts and fitting for adults and children alike, Wonderputt has a lot to offer for such a small price.

The game as I mentioned has one level with 18 holes in it but the real appeal lies in how the level evolves as you progress. You start off with a mountain with various environmentals around it like a city and a farm and the like but then, a meteor strikes the field and you start your game off like that. After the first hole your ball appears at the farm where aliens steal all their cows and decimate the harvest just so you can play another round of golf!

That's where the beauty lies in this game, the sheer wonder of what will happen next in this strange and seemingly normal land where anything can go wrong. Graphics are amazing, the sound fits like a glove and I'm finding it hard to say anything wrong with this game. It's very simple and the controls are as easy to get into as Angry Birds.

When I get games on the iPad I find it hard to play them through to get all my moneys worth and sometimes they just sit and gather virtual dust. But just playing Wonderputt once warrants the full price tag and every playthrough after is a bonus. You can try and beat your score based on getting on par or collecting all 5 crystals on each hole. This is an award winning game based on its visual prowess and is a good start if you're new to the retina display.


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