Golf games and touch screen devices go extremely well together like steak and potatoes. You can have a full on golf experience like EAs Tiger Woods franchise that's easily playable on iPad and iPhone alike and also have an arcade game like Flick Golf! Wonderputt is one such game that is only playable on the tablet and is interesting even if you don't like golf.

Road Trip 2

iOS games have a rep for being a platform not for hardcore gamers and I tend to stand in the middle of that statement. The platform has matured to include an array of classic games from older home consoles and it's own unique blend of games that follows a singular gameplay dynamic. Whether its achieving multiple set missions or goals or striving for 3 star scores on every level, it's liberating and fitting to have a pick up and play game that's convenient. Road Trip 2 has that prior mechanic of jumping and flipping to achieve similar goals that keeps the game going. But is it another run of the mill game that's quickly done and forgotten? Or does it stand up to the big boys of iOS gaming?

Ink for iOS

I'd like to make a confession here. I'm addicted to drawing apps. I played the hell out of Draw Something, invested way too much money in software for my iPhone and iPad that I hardly use and have sought the perfect stylus to use on these apps I neglect so horrifically. There's a satisfaction to absorbing myself in my tech and being creative with a visual medium that I've struggled with in person and seeing other developers take on the graphic apps (what's new that they bring to the table.) I just can't help myself. So why not, here's another one.


There’s a lot of App Store catalogue apps or freebie of the day apps. You can tell which bring great apps to the free side when you see a new app take the top free app spot (that formerly wasn’t there). The catalogue apps tend to complicate and convulate the screen with too many buttons and apps, the worst ones I know show far too little. However there is one in particular that takes my hearts fancy is Appsfire for several reasons


The 12 Days of Free stuff from Apple after the Holidays showed me some exciting new apps that I didn't even know existed. Score! being the one I was most surprised by. I love Football but have never gotten into touchscreen variations, Fifa being the main offender of terrible controls (and taking up way too much disk space.) Does Score! scratch that itch for Footie on the go or is it just another Angry Birds knock off?


Got your 2013 resolutions in order? I myself (like everybody who is actually human) have trouble adhering things I want to do with my life and keeping them around long enough to become apart of my life. Help me! I yelled at Siri. She didn’t understand me very well so I sifted through the App Store. I need an app to help me with my resolutions. My most important one is to finish what I



Crazy Taxi

These days its hard to find a racing game where you're not weaving through traffic, freaking out some sort of sentient AI who are innocently trying to commute in their small virtual world. I'm talking about racing games like Need For Speed that takes place on city streets but the one that I hold dear to my heart is the original Arcade classic Crazy Taxi. Sega actually managed to squish it down for iOS (soundtrack, mini-games and all!) Does it work on a 4" touch-screen? Is this a decent port for a premium price? Why do I ask so many questions?