Page Once

Version 4.6
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad 4.0
Price: Free ($13 Pro)

Every bank by now has their own App and on top of all that there are virtually dozens of budget/money management Apps. So with my eyes closed and my finger randomly poking at the map, I pulled a few free ones out my ass. A lot are forgettable. A lot arent fully compatible with all banks. A lot are just plain bad and unencouraging. Page Once is the first that I favour and have taken to heart. Heres the review!

First I have a lot of messy finances and money owing so there are a lot of things here I couldnt use. But the gist is very much there when I applied my Checking account. At this moment of time, my finances are very much razor thin so it goes in and out of my pocket on payday quicker than you can say 'Poor Fuckhead'. I put my money into savings, pay off money owing or purchase weekly necessities. Its not uncommon for my account to hit overdraft from bank fees or hit discrepencies when these transactions clash.

When this happens, I get a notification opposed to what native bank Apps do. I can understand this since they have a lot more control and features and need to guard my account more vigilantly. Page Once helped me to jump onto problems as soon as they happened.

It manages every manner of finances possible. Bills, bank accounts, credit cards, loans etc etc. If it doesnt have the institution youre trying to fix it up with (it may not support it now but the Page Once program is growing) you can input a crude version where you out in all the information yourself. If you have a minimal amount of bills the free version will serve you well. The Pro version allows for unlimited amount of bills, no ads and a refresh all feature.

One other thing to mention is you have to create an account with Page Once in order to use it. Another account in a sea of accounts online.

It has a myriad of options such as customizable security (I turned it off so I didnt have to type a password all the time in my native bank App) and transaction history which combines all your accounts into one place so you can figure out exactly where all your digital cash is going.

A visually pleasing interface on top of a simple, elegant system makes this an easy to recommend App.

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