Road Trip 2

iOS games have a rep for being a platform not for hardcore gamers and I tend to stand in the middle of that statement. The platform has matured to include an array of classic games from older home consoles and it's own unique blend of games that follows a singular gameplay dynamic. Whether its achieving multiple set missions or goals or striving for 3 star scores on every level, it's liberating and fitting to have a pick up and play game that's convenient. Road Trip 2 has that prior mechanic of jumping and flipping to achieve similar goals that keeps the game going. But is it another run of the mill game that's quickly done and forgotten? Or does it stand up to the big boys of iOS gaming?

Compatible: iPhone 3GS+ - iPad

Price: Freemium

As the name suggests, you drive a car through various landscapes such as beaches, industry or graveyards, pulling off wild flips and slams. Your only objective is to go as far as possible, collecting red gas cans or gaining blue gas cans by pulling off epic stunts. The only means of control is tilting forward or backward or slam to the ground to earn a boost of speed by holding both left and right. Achieve objectives to earn coins for more coins or get power ups such as boost, coin magnet or coin multiplier.

The first thing I'll say is this game gets cloud saves right. There's not much to do right but its a shining example nonetheless. When I play this game on the go have a good romp and come home and the desktop is occupied, I can play a round on the iPad and have the exact same scores, achievements and progress that I have been making on my iPhone. Kudos.

Speeds the name of the game

Another thing to note is this is a freemium game. You can play without paying a dime but eventually your coin will drop to zero and your earning potential will steadily increase little bit by little bit. You can buy coins or cash through in app purchases to quickly buy bigger, faster, cooler cars. Although tempting I find satisfaction in the act of playing and earning cars to be far satisfying. I'm in no rush to get to the end and neither should you.

Graphics? Simple but effective. Runs smoother on newer devices but runs just fine on older devices after the iPhone 3GS. The music? Old school retro gaming music works well even though it doesn't fit with the game at all. It's not trying to be retro and looks nothing like an NES style game but hey, I'm not complaining.

May Day! May Day! I'm coming in for a crash landing!

Final word? This has been a personal addiction for the last several months but not an addiction worth spending a penny on and that suits the developer just fine I'm sure. Occasionally obtrusive ads that ask you to watch a 1 minute clip for some other app you won't ever play will give your game a boost in coin and bonuses and that's a price worth paying. It feels satisfying, is a blast to play but can get frustrating and boring at the same time.

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