Version: v.1.4
Compatible: iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $5

My first writing app for the iPad was ia Writer which was hardly fair for all the other word processor apps. I mean really? It's got Dropbox syncing and controls for convenient editing. The only other one I'd consider to get is Pages but what else is there? Surprisingly a lot and sadly my curiosity is piqued. Writings is my first entrance into the soirée of alternate writing apps for the iPad.

The first thing I'd like to mention is that it has absolutely zero personality. It has nice esthetics and standard features but if I had to pick it out in a line up of screenshots I'd have trouble pointing it out. What does it have? Word and character count, textexpander, e-mail, Dropbox sync and AirPrint. On top of that it is able to have control over font and colors of text or the background. If one does choose to take the plunge and get this App they couldn't go wrong the problem is its so adequate and standard to the point where if I have something mind this is just a waste of space.

For the price, ia Writer does it better.


Version: v1.14
Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad iOS 3.1
Price: Free

I can't really review this app without reviewing the service. This is the case for most of the app library since they create an accessible form of their website which moderates the iOS medium. Crunchyroll is an anime streaming service. It's quite premium offering fresh content from the land of the rising sun for a subscription fee which is more or less affordable. Gone are the days waiting months for the localization team to get the rights, draft a translated script, gather up some shitty voice actors, record, edit and broadcast. I dunno actually, that stuff might still be going on. To butcher a cow is a long and strenuous process right?

The Crunchyroll app is basically the iOS version of the website allowing you to stream episodes directly to your phone or pad over wifi (or 3G if you are a paid subscriber although that'd be painful on your data plan.) Ads are only for freeloaders and only appear once before the episode plays as opposed to in frequent bursts like I've seen in some other TV station based apps. It's better than average.

Where this app really shines? True Airview. I know it's a hard thing (supposedly) but when I want to tech the episode on my Apple TV, I can. Shocking I know. This is an example for other apps to look to. If you're app is about streaming or showing videos, it better well do Airview properly damn it! How easy it is to throw an episode onto the TV is beyond meager explanation, it's Heaven and fits into my 'no wires no stress' mantra.

Bottom line? This app = good.


Version: v.1.3
Compatibility: iPad iOS 4.2
Price: $10

When it comes to task lists, having one always near at hand is as important as making them in the first place for effective daily to-do scheduling. And for many of us, smartphones are our virtual to-do list notepads and calendar. This week we share a few of our favorite task manager apps we think will help you stay on track throughout the day...

Next! has a little bit more of a learning curve but is an integral part of the iPads app arsenal when given the chance. It doesn't flood the screen with unnecessary buttons and prompts but rather makes smart use of gestures to bring everything within reach. The best thing about this app is how it feels like there's a birds-eye view over all projects. There's also the option to store reference material so information is never too far from reach.

I use it to as my go to clipboard app with my schedule, to do, lists and tasks. It's simple and beautiful to look at while making good use of the bigger screen. The only thing however is the price. For ten bucks it's got to be giving a lot with other apps costing as much. So is it worth it? To have all tasks and keeping life together in one neat little app sounds worth the price of admission then I say go for it.