Creative types such as myself (puff up chest) can benefit with regular exercises for our talents. In these instances frequent tasks with a general premise are helpful like writing a brief entry about cows or in the case of todays app, drawing assignments. Sketching on my iPad? My word!

Art Rage: iPad Version

Now that I have the proper hardware to better run apps I already own, its time to finally throw in my two cents on ArtRage. Before using it on the 1st Gen iPad was excruciating because it kept saying I need to close a lot of processes for it to work (which was still very sluggish.) Now that I have an up to date iPad, does it still have trouble keeping up or has this been the app that’s been sitting under my nose all this time?

Evernote for iPhone/iPod

Let’s get one thing clear, I LOVE Evernote. Any service which cleanly keeps notes, files, pictures in the cloud has my attention and I use Evernote to the fullest. SimpleNote was my first but I bit into the Evernote fruit because it does more than just written notes. Now Evernote is an essential part of my app and tech arsenal but I’m still left wondering. Why do I have the iPhone app?


Personally, I love it when an app becomes an integral and useful part of my life. This year my resolutions are to be more organized and productive which I started with a system of dedicated time towards writing this blog and other such projects I’d like to get started on. Going hand in hand with this I got the 30/30 app, a productivity timer to help me get some work done. Does it though?