Street Fighter IV

I'm late to this review I'll admit and apologise for that. This game gets it right and I'll shamefully admit this again, this is my first Street Fighter game. That's not to say I've never played Street Fighter before I've just never dived into buying one. When it's this close and done this well, it's hard to ignore.

Street Fighter IV for those who don't know is a fighter game that dates far back and has gone through several evolutions. Featuring famous characters like Ken, Ryu, Chun Li who have move sets that are known before even getting into the game. Punch, kick and combo your way to victory in a 1 on 1 battle. These games are done in waves and the market is flooded with them but if you're looking for the original and best, this is where it's at.

Hitting, missing and blocking all feel fluid and satisfying when done right. Losing can be frustrating but getting past an annoying level is cause for cheer and celebration. Theres a lot of meat to this game and it goes well beyond than just some iPod Touch game. It looks beautiful, sounds great and is fun to play even if you get it for just an hour or two, its well worth the money.

Chicken Balls HD

Chicken Balls HD
Compatible: iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $1

With the golden glory story of Angry Birds and its rise to multi million dollar levels of credibility in its bank account, there are those who seek to replicate its climb to power. Replicate it exactly.

The point of Chicken Balls is to collect the eggs on screen by launching chickens around for collecting. There are aliens trying to stop you but the plot isnt anything to get into. Launching curiously spherical birds around the screen to collect eggs, if you mentioned that to anyone they wouldnt jump up and shout Chicken Balls thats for sure.

The best thing to be said about the game is its charming graphics and little else. Sound and gameplay is forgettable and was done better by Angry Birds which (imo) is a more worthwhile purchase in comparison to Chicken Balls HD.

Pac Man Championship Edition

Pac Man Championship Edition
Version: v.1.2.2
Compatibility: iPhone/ iPod Touch / iPad iOS 3.0
Price: $5

If you've played the XBox or PS3 versions, its EXACTLY the same. If you dont know what it is, let me explain. Its Pac Man on crack. You get combos for eating ghosts in bulk, it makes High Scores cool again. And now Im going through it all again on my iPhone. Hit it!

Its exactly as I said with some small exceptions. They made several modes, one of which is missions which is like Angry Birds elevating levels. These missions consists of several objectives, reach a certain score by a certain time or get a combo or use an alternative control scheme. As for the controls there are several although they all seem the same. Theres swipe, joy stick, virtual game pad, all screen game pad (bottom is down, bottom left is left etc etc.) and pointer swipe.

The games slick style and addictive game play is all here and is definitely recommended over the classic Pac Man with the various game modes and multi player interactivity (beat your friends high score with the level/goal of the week.)

Are they any problems? The game is hectic enough that the gap between you and the controls looks like a gorge. However this was the same case between me and the XBox version so I cant really blame touch screen controls (this time.)

Card Star

Card Star
Version: v.3.6
Compatibility: iPhone/ iPod Touch/ iPad iOS 3.0
Price: Free

On my trip to New York, I emptied out several cards that I believed unnecessary for the trip and felt a significant difference in weight and comfort in the wallet department. With all of them freed from my pocket I thought it was time to put them all into my Card Star App and indeed lighten the load indefinitely. I got most of them on the Card Star App but are they functional in this form?

I was inspired by my Scene Card App which even without the card managed to scan off my phones screen. 'Why shouldnt others do this?' said I and I invested zero dollars on this App. Unfortunately on several occasions it failed to scan at check out and instead I just got into awkward, fumbly situations unlike the ones at the cinema. In fact there was not one successful use of this App to scan at check out. Though I will continue to try I am still disappointed in this Apps performance.

Other features are coupons and deals associated with your cards which is a helpful feature for places I frequent so much that I have cards with them. So its not an entire disappointment. Scanning barcodes from the cards is amazingly easy and quick. Card Star uses the camera and in no time makes a reference. Catalogued are a myriad of pre existing card templates, it had all the ones I use in its database so its quite reliable in that department.

All in all its not everything I wanted but didnt fail entirely. Give it a shot and if the check out line isnt too long and youre not in a rush, see if it goes through.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle
Version: 3.0.1
Compatibility: iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad iOS 3.0
Price: $1

Alarm Clock Apps are a somewhat irritating affair. They charge ridiculous prices for the simplest task of exchanging the integrated alarm with its own look and the option to choose your own song from your iPod. If theres something I want from an Alarm App is to wake me up. But who knew there'd be an App thats smart, efficient and best of all cheap to take on the task.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm App like no other. It works by setting it on the corner of your bed face down overnight (while plugged in for best results). The reason for all this is to use the accelerometer to record our sleep progress judging how much we move around in bed. It determines how well you're sleeping and will find the optimal time to wake you calm and easy.

On top of that it has several nice alarm sounds of its own as well as the option to use your own songs. It will also track your sleep patterns so you can look back and see some sort of consistency (or just find fascination in seeing how well/bad/ordinary you sleep.)

Whats more is that it works. It replaced the default Alarm App within two days (while I was still weary about it, it detected I woke up once every hour in paranoia. It was a restless night but I quickly trusted the App and it works like a dream (lol.)

My only gripe is that I have to keep it plugged in. The reason is the accelerometer doesn't work when the App isnt open let alone while on standby. I dont recieve many texts or calls at night but if you answer any, it will disrupt the App however it does save your progress, you just have to resume the App and return it facedown. With the phone plugged in regularily every night could have long term effects on the battery life but otherwise these are my only gripes.


Version: v. 1.4
Compatible: iPod Touch/ iPhone/ iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $1

Another Gamevil stand alone classic which is a shame seeing how much Id like to see more. More improvements that is!

Its a simple side scrolling (think Zelda 2) version of Zenonia with a different story and universe. Instead of navigating maze like environments in a birds eyes view, you have to scroll through maze like environments from the side perspective while navigating over platforms. Platforms that are the bane of this games existence. Navigating from point A to point B is an exercise of frustration, anger and giving up.

Maybe it wouldnt be so bad with physical controls but when you fall through floors or miss a jump and return to the beginning of the level for the fifth or sixth time, theres a problem. Half the time I was wondering out where the Hell I was supposed to be going and the other half endlessly fighting respawning unimaginative baddies. Which brings me to round two.

This game is repetitive to no end. Its either be bored or frustrated and neither option is an appealing feature of the game. Ive played about two and a half hours and Im still at the beginning of the game before the Hero leaves the freaking village. I keep getting sent on fetch quests which leads me through mazes and endless enemies.

Graphics are amazing (Gamevil never disappoints in that department.) Music is atrocious. Not one of Gamevils best.

Zombie Appstravaganza!

October is here and I think I have to do an obligatory Appstravaganza dedicated to all things spooky and what not. Despite in me believing in the classier way of things, I'll bite despite believing that the month of the impending New Year should be adhered to accurately. Without further ado, I present to you the October Zombie Appstravaganza!

Zombie Smash HD
Version: 2.1
Compatible: iPad iOS 3.2
Price: $4

Drag and throw zombies before they knock down your fort. Killing zombies via flicking? How can it go wrong? I agree, it's a good premise and it is extremely entertaining at first. But the difficulty takes a huge dip within the first hour of play. But I digress, more information needs to be provided. You start by flicking but you gain power ups gradually such as guns, falling boulders, dynamite and all that good stuff. Nothing is more satisfying than zombies and dynamite especially when they gather in big numbers. The problem is as I said that the difficulty jumps so quickly. It starts off with shambling zombies, then goes to running crazy chick zombies, then to shooting gangster zombies and then to the hulking behemoth tank zombie. Okay, I can take a challenge but the basic weaponry lies with the problem. You have to earn the boulder and big weapons like that by biding your time. The handgun is slow, precise and weak. To kill all the zombies (except for the hulk) you can throw them into the sky one at a time. When time is of the essence I'd expect to pick one up and slam him into a crowd of zombies to satisfying effect.

Fun. For a dollar. Not $4.

Zombie Highway
Version: 1.6
Compatible: iPod Touch/ iPhone/ iPad iOS 3.1
Price: $1

This game was a dollar. Can you believe that? I played more of this game than ones that cost five times as much and I want to slap myself for that fact. This game is amazingly fun, aggravating and ultimately satisfying. I'll say this now, I HATE racing/driving games where you have to tilt the device, they are beyond comprehensible control for me and avoid them like all Hell. Zombie Highway gets it right. It's basic, ride your armoured zombie tank down the highway and take down any that jump on the side by either shooting them or ramming them into roadside debris. The variety of enemies (strong/fat zombies) is strong and there are many panic moments when it comes close to them taking down the tank. Generally amusing and enjoyable. Earning new weapons and achievements is thoroughly satisfying.

Zombie Gunship
Version: 1.2
Compatible: iPhone (3GS/4), iPod Touch (3G/4G) and iPad iOS 4.1
Price: $1

Surprisingly enjoyable although the graphics were something to laugh at. You'll be staring at huge blurs of dark grey and black to search for zombies to gun down who are fortunately in a more visible colour thanks to thermal goggles. Not much to stay other than you gun down zombies, protect survivors and the bunker to earn money to upgrade guns and ability. Good for a laugh. Otherwise not much to say.

Looking at my library I notice I have a surprising amount of zombie games. Plants v. Zombies, Dead Rising, these three, Call of Duty: Zombies, Paper Toss with annoying Zombie coworker. What I'm trying to say, I like killing zombies.

Page Once

Version 4.6
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad 4.0
Price: Free ($13 Pro)

Every bank by now has their own App and on top of all that there are virtually dozens of budget/money management Apps. So with my eyes closed and my finger randomly poking at the map, I pulled a few free ones out my ass. A lot are forgettable. A lot arent fully compatible with all banks. A lot are just plain bad and unencouraging. Page Once is the first that I favour and have taken to heart. Heres the review!

First I have a lot of messy finances and money owing so there are a lot of things here I couldnt use. But the gist is very much there when I applied my Checking account. At this moment of time, my finances are very much razor thin so it goes in and out of my pocket on payday quicker than you can say 'Poor Fuckhead'. I put my money into savings, pay off money owing or purchase weekly necessities. Its not uncommon for my account to hit overdraft from bank fees or hit discrepencies when these transactions clash.

When this happens, I get a notification opposed to what native bank Apps do. I can understand this since they have a lot more control and features and need to guard my account more vigilantly. Page Once helped me to jump onto problems as soon as they happened.

It manages every manner of finances possible. Bills, bank accounts, credit cards, loans etc etc. If it doesnt have the institution youre trying to fix it up with (it may not support it now but the Page Once program is growing) you can input a crude version where you out in all the information yourself. If you have a minimal amount of bills the free version will serve you well. The Pro version allows for unlimited amount of bills, no ads and a refresh all feature.

One other thing to mention is you have to create an account with Page Once in order to use it. Another account in a sea of accounts online.

It has a myriad of options such as customizable security (I turned it off so I didnt have to type a password all the time in my native bank App) and transaction history which combines all your accounts into one place so you can figure out exactly where all your digital cash is going.

A visually pleasing interface on top of a simple, elegant system makes this an easy to recommend App.