Brain Exercise

This may be fundamental for my dissatisfaction but I loved the Brain Age series on the DS. It was fit perfectly in the form of a small digital book. It felt natural in your hands as you wrote answers and played through the quizzes. Its only natural Id anticipate such an experience on my iPhone.

Brain Exercise take after the brain development studies of Dr. Kawashima whom is well known for games such as Brain Age on the Nintendo DS. I didnt think itd be exactly the same after all I loved the book design with the DS and the difference in hardware couldnt be perfectly emulated. I dont have a problem with the tests although playing them requires more precision now than ever, my problem lies within the games menu design.

Every time before a new it explains (in rancid detail mind you) what the task is. If youve taken the same exercise before your natural reaction is to skip it. At the end of that line of 'next page' is a countdown. At this countdown the next page button (the exact same place) turns into a cancel button. If you cancel a Brain Test, you cant do it for the rest of the day. Now thats fucked up.

The 'games' are fun but I found more stressful than enjoyable to the point I let this game settle down until I eventually delete it. Maybe my expectations are too high when I compare it next to Brain Age and it is a fraction of the price. However the game requires an entirely different type of precision compared to shooters and racers. You'll find very often your thumb selecting the wrong answer.

If you dont know what Brain Age is, you'll probably get more fun out of this. Unfortunately for thise who want Brain Age for their phones, keep walking cos this isnt it.

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