Tweetbot 3

Of all the Twitter apps on the iPhone (and there are quite a few) I have fallen for Tweetbots simplicity to be downright addictive. Although I can't speak for Twitterific which I hear many lovely things about, many if not all other Twitter apps have steered me the wrong way and that includes the official app. When I heard that they released Tweetbot 3 I was thrilled, until I learned that I had to cough up more money for nearly the same app.

Price: $5
Compatibility: iPhone iOS 7 Only

What I love about Tweetbot is that it uses the best elements of an iPhone and rolls with it better than the real app ever could. Swipe based gestures that come natural to users comfortable with the iOS ecosystem don't need to learn a thing. Swipe down and up to see through the Twitter feed, tap on a tweet to see options or swipe it to the left to see replies and more details surrounding the tweet. If your Twitter feed consists of more images than tidbits, the photo only mode is quite serene.

I paid $5 for Tweetbot 2 several months ago and since I use Twitter on a daily basis, I believe the price was well justified seeing as it's an app that'll be frequently used. When Tweetbot 3 was initially released, it was running a reduced price sale and believed that I won't be seeing a lesser price tag in the future. Right now it sits at the iffy price tag of $5. Would I recommend it?

In the short run, especially if you just dropped money down on Tweetbot 2 I suggest you hang tight until the next sale. Tweetbot 2 in its current state is feature complete and won't be seeing much other than bug fixes and minor updates from here on out, making it a safe bet to stick with in the near foreseeable future. My main reason for upgrading is quite shallow but I fell in love with the flattened gorgeous iOS 7 interface and knew that Tweetbot 2 wouldn't be getting that fresh coat of paint. If my OS were to move forward, so were some apps that would be unfortunately getting left behind (which is why I'm hoping that the iPad version of Tweetbot 3 will be released in the near future.)

I can't express my love for this app enough. And the new, details are all fun little discoveries that add up to a grander, more enjoyable experience. Never has closing a picture attachment been more fun than throwing it off into a yonder direction. If you're debating getting Tweetbot 3 from the native Twitter app, you're gonna love it. If you're debating getting version 3 when you already have Tweetbot 2, hold off unless you don't mind the price tag.


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