Allow me to make my introduction. I am Reiku and this is the Appstraction Blog. Hopefully you've scrolled from far and wide to get to this post and it is here where I'll lay the synopsis of these pages. I'm a great fan of tech, most specifically Apple tech. I love nothing more than expanding my artistic horizons with my Mac setup. I'm an App Store addict and find myself falling victim to sales, new items, highly recommended apps as well as Genius recommended apps. Because of this I have a modest amount of experience with the App Store and want to make the most of it by making recommendations and sharing my thoughts.

I will review a great number of Apps of varying categories and popularity on a biweekly basis (Tuesdays and Fridays.) On top of that I'll write general articles based on the nature of App releases, my tech set up, my wish list, my Home Screen (Apps I use on a regular basis) and my Trash Heap (Apps to avoid like the plague that I had the great misfortune to purchase and waste bandwidth on.)

For the first little while I'll start with iPad and iPhone/iPod Apps before moving onto the Mac App Store section, though I confess I don't know how much attention I could give it in comparison. If you have an App you want me to review, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or preferably e-mail me. 

Happy Reading

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