Evernote for iPhone/iPod

Let’s get one thing clear, I LOVE Evernote. Any service which cleanly keeps notes, files, pictures in the cloud has my attention and I use Evernote to the fullest. SimpleNote was my first but I bit into the Evernote fruit because it does more than just written notes. Now Evernote is an essential part of my app and tech arsenal but I’m still left wondering. Why do I have the iPhone app?

Compatible: Cross Platform (but there is a difference between the iPhone and iPad versions)

Price: Free

Maybe it's a bug that exists on mine or maybe I just don't like how the small screen adaptation lives up to its desktop sibling but I strongly disapprove of the iPhone Evernote app. Writing notes into it is quite tedious because the screen jumps about to the very top, cutting off everything above the line I'm writing on. This is fine for writing shorter notes but when I attempted to write an entire blog post on it to test it as a word processor it lost a lot of affection I had.

That new version of Penultimate automatically uploads my notes to Evernote. It's definitely a nice touch.

So Evernote lovers will respond saying that it's not for huge blurbs of words but that's where I call bullshit. I have a premium subscription and it's supposed to carry about words, photos and all sorts of reference media. I'm not writing a novel into it (and I've heard from several sources online that that's what they use to carry on writing on the fly so I don't know what they're talking about.) I use it for my reference material for my writing projects such as lists of apps to review in the future, ideas for other projects and notes revolving around those projects.

I write into iA Writer now and sync with Dropbox where I can copy and paste text into Blogsy or from the desktop with ease. Since that method works, Evernote is my go to for information which I input from the desktop app and I simply use the iPhone app as a viewer. I have a problem also with finding my notes but I think it might be because of my chaotic clutter that needs order. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I like the level of customization I have to each note and when I edit them I have no problems. It's possible to change the font type, size and add effects like underline, bold or italics. So there's that.

However I happen to know that there's a lot of apps that use Evernote. So now begins the search for an alternative client to the standard Evernote iPhone app. First up on my list of to get? Clever for iPhone.


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