Creative types such as myself (puff up chest) can benefit with regular exercises for our talents. In these instances frequent tasks with a general premise are helpful like writing a brief entry about cows or in the case of todays app, drawing assignments. Sketching on my iPad? My word!

Compatible: iPad

Price: Free

So I'm no stranger to this whole sketching on my iPad thing. I generally gravitate to these graphic apps and piss about with styli like there's no tomorrow. Hell I even started blogging about it (HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK). It's safe to say I know a thing or two about what makes a good app to draw in.

DrawQuest isn't like SketchBook, Procreate or Sketch Club where it's focus is to create fantastic artwork, instead is a social art app much like Draw Something. Each day a new assignment is posted with a simple premise and half of the art already filled in. You're required to put your own spin on the image with brushes and pencils with a small range of colors (you earn more as you play.) The final result is published for users to vote on and you can see other creations.

Draw Something was a fun diversion but its clumsy execution interfered with any hope of it lasting longer than it should've. Especially since the iPad version was essentially blown up from the small screen. However it's ability to bring social elements to sketching and doodling was quite astounding, showing off your artistic abilities to friends was generally satisfying until you found yourself drawing the same things over and over again.

Based on this shorthand review, what does DrawQuest do to excel above this formula? First of all it was built for the iPad and it shows. Second, you are faced with more challenge since some parts of the drawing are already present which is more interesting rather than an open ended assignment like 'Justin Beiber' or 'grass'.

Finally it gives players the chance to show off their imagination and see other interpretations. It's unifying when a group of people are striving for the same goal but ultimately deliver a completely different result at the same time.

My only gripe with the app? No pinch to zoom features. The horror!

DrawQuest is good for a laugh and a way to kill 5 minutes with a doodle project, to check others out or to see how many likes your own creation got. I'm definitely looking forward to future updates for this.


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