Version: 1.9
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.1.3
Price: $1

A surprising little punch to the gut this one was. Although its not much in the looks department it’s a fun number for the Pictionary loving bunch. This is another one of those mysteries I cannot for the life of me remember how in the Hell I obtained it but don’t really care as long as I’m having fun which I am. 

The game is simple (and dependant on an internet connection for maximum fun) guess what others are drawing from a selection of 6. The faster you answer the more points you get. Everyone gets a turn and gradually you’ll be able to draw what is requested of you so that everyone else in the game can guess too. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can either play with friends in the vicinity or play against the computer which I found to be no fun at all.

What else can I say? It’s a dollar, it’s Pictionary, it’s fun. I thought there was more but that’s all there really is. If you suck at drawing or hate Pictionary, back off because you won’t have any fun. If you want to feed your ego on how everyone can interpret what you draw, then step right up. Cheaper than Cafe Coffee.

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