Groove Coaster

Version: 1.0
Compatible: iPhone (3GS/4), iPod (3rd/4th Generation), iPad - iOS 4.2
Price: $3

New addition to the App Store and a tasty little number to satiate my inner nerd. Rhythm based games on the iOS are nothing new especially when its awakening came during the time of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Tap Tap made Tapulous a million dollar company and a success story for Indie Game Developers to strive for. So what makes Groove Coaster hot shit? Well have a seat and a brew and I’ll tell you.

From Taito comes a new age rhythm game with old school elements. Essentially it doesn’t push your iPhone 4 or iPad but the visuals are eye pleasing in the same bane as fireworks. What really stands out is the music selection which digs deep within the Taito music collection of DS games and remixes of games from the days of arcade cabinets. Follow on screen instructions along to the beat of the songs.

It starts off easy enough, tap the screen when the cursor gets to the mark. But then it increases in difficulty with varied inputs such as tapping, holding or swiping. But no matter how high you set the difficulty or the speed of the song, it’s never so difficult that us who are musically challenged cannot fall behind or lose interest. It feels like you are part of the song and fills you with a satisfying feeling. The songs are catchy, vibrant but don’t go on so long that it gets boring or tiresome. 

If you’re sick of these types of games, this won’t change your mind however as its just another variation of the genre. It looks good, plays good and is good for a laugh but the price is a bit steep for this type of game. It has a lot of meat to it but the core of the game doesn’t stray very far. My recommendation is to wait for the sale price.

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