What's App

What's App
Version: 2.6.4
Compatible: iPhone - iOS 3.1
Price: $1

I’m not a very social person even with my plethora of communique methods I rarely keep in touch with more than a handful of people on a constant basis. With the looming iOS 5.0 update later this year I look forward to an improvement onto the current messaging system in place on the iPhone because I’m not a huge fan of it despite texting being my first and foremost method of reaching out. Had I known better I wouldn’t have wasted good money on WhatsApp.

Maybe I’m just being harsh on it. It’s quite clever though I certainly agree. It’s like a ticket of admission that grants special access to a party and everyones invited as long as they have the ticket. WhatsApp is available on the Android and Blackberry platforms and the service communicates across its own network with ease using data rather than texts to send messages quickly and efficiently.

The problem with this is that it still has a ways to go to reach out. When I started it up I only had one friend who was set up with the service. If I want to communicate with the people I frequently talk to they have to pay the price of admission and I find it a little rude to make the request. It may only be a dollar but its getting dolled up for the show thats the real price if you catch my drift.

The way the App looks, works and feels is all satisfactory when I did use it. Information is sent immediately and I’m alerted when the message is read as well as when another message is being typed. You can send pics and such and its all very delightful.

Maybe you’re a convincing SOB and don’t mind dragging the people you know and love through the dirt to get them to climb aboard. Or maybe you already have a bunch of friends that already use it. Or maybe you’ll get together face to face and start a little fun club and make the set up work. If you do manage it, the service will do you good I can say without hesitation. Without communication to set up you won’t know however how many of your friends even have WhatsApp let alone use it.

Luckily and most safely, it’s only a dollar. It’s not the end of the world if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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