Foolproof Art Studio

Do you know what the App Store isn't short on? Photo apps! Tons upon tons of photo apps. Apps that take photos, edit them with all sorts of lightweight Photoshop effects and share them all within the same slice of software. For me, the standard photo app is always within reach on the home screen for lifes quick moments. I love Camera+ but with each update on my iPhone takes much longer to open and navigate to take a photo. So why am I reviewing another photo app? Because unlike others that slap filters onto pictures and makes it into art, I believe Fool Proof is a fresh break from the mould.


Price: Free (Limit of 3 Images) - $2 In-App Unlock (Unlimited Images) - $4 iPad

Compatibility: iPhone 3GS+ - iPad (Two separate versions)

So what is Foolproof Art Studio? Let me explain how it works, you input an image by snapping it with your camera or importing from your photo or social network library. A canvas is placed atop this image and you can free range paint over it, giving it an acrylic painting look. It can look as precise or abstract as you like with a range of colors, effects and brush sizes to recreate photos.

That's it? That's it! Done. Why is it worth mentioning? Because the execution is more creative and involving rather than sifting through stupid filters. Anyone can take a picture, crop and sepia it up and call it art but Foolproof manages to let users be more artistic (certainly more than Instagram can ever do.) Each swipe, stroke and intricate smudging of the brush delivers a little bit more of yourself to pictures and these can be pictures you casually snapped earlier on.

If you're a curious artist who's afraid of getting your fingers covered in paint, I highly advise to toy about with this before diving into Art Rage and getting so overwhelmed they'll find you in the fetal position muttering 'so many brushes, so many options.' Foolproof can be as abstract as you want with wild colors to use on your portraits or as close to the real deal with charming dash of paint.


So what's the negative? Perfectionists beware. It's incredibly difficult to get what you have in mind splattered onto the page. Those who are more open minded and seek the full extent to this unique app, there are a range of short tutorial videos to learn the ropes double quick.

Bottom line, it's fun and different. If you had no problems choosing filters, cropping, adjusting brightness and so on, then that's what work for you. But for those who are a little more open minded or experimental, I say it's worth a dabble of your time.

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