Version: 3.0.1
Compatible: iPad 3.2 or later
Price: $1

Penultimate was low on my App purchase priority list but once it went on sale, I took it up for a dollar and thought it would be worth a shot. At first I was greatly impressed with the whole thing seeing as it's a really useful App to have on the iPad. What we have here is a notebook App for those who prefer the handwritten touch. If you're going to use your fingers however this App isn't recommendable off the bat as a word of warning. A stylus is required unless you finger paint your handwriting and if that's the case what the heck is wrong with you, weirdo?

There's not much to say in the way of features. You're given a notepad where you select the background (blank, graph or lined), different sized pen nibs with limited colour options and the pages go as far as you want. You can have as many notepads as you like depending on the subjects you require and there are a good amount of exporting options. You can choose to e-mail them as PDFs, retrieve them from iTunes, export individual or all pages into the photo library.

Useful for a dollar and good to have but not without it's problem. With the nature of the page and lack of zoom, content per page is equal to that of a handheld notes that fit in your pants pocket. Seriously my handwriting looks massive and clumsy when I started and I don't know whether it has a learning curve or not. I still can't get my notes to fit onto the page without taking a lot of time to slowly write each word and make them legible.

But as far as complaints go that's my only one. When I played about with it at first I had a lot of fun because it made my handwriting look amazing when I practiced my signature with it despite each try took up a third of the page. Doodling on the sidelines of my notes was also amusing and this is the point which makes it feel like a legitimate notepad. It isn't a pen and paper unless I'm wasting time piddling about with doodles around actual work. Do I recommend it? Absolutely if it's still a dollar, you have a stylus and you don't take it horrendously seriously (but if you write small then I think you're good.) If an update is released to add zooming capabilities (and these software updates sometimes render prior reviews completely useless to me sometimes) then I think it's above average for what it does.

But as these apps go there are several others who do the exact same thing with exceptions. This is the one that lays the foundation for me and so I say, there'll be more notepad Apps for me to review.

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