Version: 1.1.1
Compatible: iPad - iOS 3.2
Price: Free

With all the magazines on the newsstands making their own digital Apps available for the iPad with in-app subscriptions, it’s easy to be intimidated by the sheer amount of digital content that’s available at a price. Although there’s internet access where you can access your favourite blogs and news sites there’s a longing for articles just for you that you can thumb through without going through Safari. Absolutely there are RSS feed apps that can update you but if you’re not 100% organized or tech savvy there are alternatives.

Enter Zite, a personal magazine that learns your tastes and offers the news you want automatically through a beautiful and easygoing interface. When you first start it up, you have a bit of setting up (selecting topics you’re interested in, e.g. arts and culture, gaming, travel, etc.) After that it’s all a matter of absorbing the content it delivers. The home page selects the best of the articles, if you want only a certain topic it’s conveniently located on the right side. Tap on a headline that takes your interest brings up the full article to read.

You can share articles you read through e-mail, Facebook, twitter or save the bookmarks onto your InstaPaper or Delicious accounts for later reading. I can’t say anything bad about this App truly except that I couldn’t find any articles I read previously again but that was more due to lack of foresight. It’s free and really brings some good news to the table. It expanded my internet horizons by showing me new sites that were providing some really in depth articles for absolutely no cost. Hell even if it cost me initially, I probably would have been sucked in because its an exemplary example for other magazines.

Absolutely essential if you have a pad. Sit back, kick your feet up and get lost in the world.

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