Version: 1.7
Compatible: iPad, iPod, iPhone - iOS 4.2

Price: $2

Continuing my search for art Apps for my tech repertoire brought me to ASketch. The small price and simplistic icon were irresistible for even a laugh but I was pleasantly surprised by how versatile and approachable it is. It’s not the most complex art App but it is this aspect which is the main selling point. Don’t expect much in the way of colours or layers or anything fancy.

Blank white sheet, two fingers pressed gives you your menu. All you have are simple sketching or vectored sketching (which connects your strokes with lines giving it a more, pleasant sketchy look.) You have your undo/redo, eraser and a small gallery of previous works. With the menu open you can zoom in and out when you pinch to zoom. Outside of the menu, pinching increases and decreases the pens nib size.

That was my only gripe and it took getting used to. However the simplistic and charming look as well as the vector sketching gave my hand a new and exciting look. I was enthralled and captivated by such a simple App and even wished I could start off with something like this for the price then go right to SketchBook Pro because it gives many interesting options and somewhere to go.

By itself at first I got a bit of use from it. I used it casually and because it had no layers or anything fancy I didn’t really care if I could export it as a pdf (since all you can do is export it to the photos album and from there is up to a large number of options.) However I found that some other Apps with the features of SketchBook Pro could do the same things that this one promised. But for the price and a starter, it’s an encouraged option among a sea of sketching Apps. And as always, updates can always make it better than it already is.

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