Version: 1.0.0
Compatible: iPad - iOS 4.0
Price: Free

When the iPad was first shown peoples first reaction was 'it's an iPod Touch XL,' an opinion which has its truths and fallacies. After having one, I don't know how I'd cope without because it introduced many new aspects to my tech setup. One of the functions I had it set up as was my back up iPod if my iPhone were to run out of batteries and for this it worked quite well. I would have it stashed in the bag and have the headphones (w/remote) plugged in.

I didn't find the interface necessary as I'd just use the iPod App as a background function and that's pretty much the end of the story. When I first acquired it, it was the majority shareholder of the hard drive space but it gradually lost real estate as time went on especially after I acquired my own iPod Nano and the TuneIn Radio App.

Then came the release of Planetary. A free visual delight only available on the iPad which brings life to those who require music on their iPads. I've been surprised by the graphical punch the iPad delivers but never was I so impressed when I got my hands on this little number. Imagine sifting through your music in the form of galaxies, planets and moons. First menu is choosing a letter from the alphabet and from there you choose your artist. Each artist comes in the form of a solar system (as their own sun.) The Albums come in the form of planets while each song is an individual moon.

The experience is breathtaking despite being nothing more than a beautiful interactive App for music. I couldn't find a use for it other than to show off but I would imagine it would be impeccable at parties as a visualizer on display for music (attached to a TV.) Visually it's not the graphics but the overwhelming grandeur of the universe. It's used in a way that cleverly uses the mind to grasp how wide and expansive the universe is and puts in use with something everyone can relate to.

If it cost money, I would second guess its worth however. There's no playlist access nor play all so you're stuck with the selected album. It's a fantastic visualizer and nothing more. However I do say it's worth a look.

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