Version: v.1.4.2

Compatibility: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch iOS 3.2

Price: $5


I've recently been getting into Adobe Illustrator for some symmetrical designs and am loving it. I loved it so much that I started looking for something similar for my iPad and found a few. For its use, I can understand how some of the apps could get pricey but its a gamble when there are so many options and all of them cost more than the graphic apps I started collecting. Tucked away in my search options, was a sleek looking app for $5. Apps that usually start with Apples cutesy “i” monicker never turn out good. Do they?


If the answer is no, then heres a first. iDesign does everything Illustrator does in a functional interface. I was blown away by what saw. The search was over just as it was starting. I was able to make my design with ease over the course of an hour. Create shapes, edit points, line everything up, import and export to Dropbox, e-mail, photo library. Im an absolute beginner and it was easy for me. And theres a lot of options that I don't quite get which is probably for the intermediate crowd. iDesign does it all.


A good purchase in my opinion. I hope the developer makes a paint app because I love their interface that much. Its gone one second and in your face whenever you need it.

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