Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix
Version: v.1.3
Compatibility: iPhone 3GS/4/4S - iPod Touch 3G/4G - iPad - iOS 4.0
Price: $2

As I drifted on the sea of transition between traditional gaming and the iOS spectrum you see before you today, there were games that still caught my eye. Games that were interesting but not sufficient to pull me back. One of those games was Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS. The idea is entertaining, type a word, any word and it'll come to life on screen. Use whatever you summon to solve puzzles that stand before you. For years it was out on the DS and I couldn't understand the cons when I read reviews. Now I understand clearly.

Scribblenauts Remix was introduced into the App Store months ago at the painful price of $5. Soon after it dipped to the appropriate price range of $2 which was easy for me to take the plunge. On the iPad is where this game shines since you have a full keyboard and a bigger screen. There is a lot of things on screen to watch out for and buttons that get in the way when it comes to dragging and dropping items. It was difficult on the iPad, and it's impossible on the smaller screen.

The puzzles are basic and can be solved by any numerous methods based on personal opinion or imagination. But not all the puzzles are like this. Many are outrageously simple to solve and can be reduced to the same level as answering a grade school question. The visuals are that of a simple game suitable for children however there is a dark side to the game with the variety of things you can summon. The censorship is odd however when I tried to summon a pipe to build a snowman, it wouldn't allow pipe, corn pipe or anything to do with smoking.

For the price it saves me from getting a DS and paying $20-$30 for a cartridge when it can go with me on my iPad for less. The main problem with the game other than questionable puzzles is how short it is. It's worth the meagre $2 and $1 in app purchase for extra levels. It's more fun than most iOS games and is good as dispensable fun. Meaning you can buy it, play it for a week and get your moneys worth before moving on.

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