Write 2

Version: v.1.3.3

Compatibility: iOS 4.0

Price: $2


I love iA Writer wether on the iPad or Mac. Unfortunately there's not a version available for the iPhone just yet so the search began for a word processor app with emphasis on style, functionality and Dropbox support (until iCloud matures). I was impressed with My Writing Spot but there was no clean connection with Dropbox. When I resorted to copying and pasting the text in a free app to transfer over, I was doing it wrong. Then I got Write 2.


I wish someone told me about Write 2 when I started gambling app money on iA Writer. For $2, I would have saved a lot of money and gotten an equally satisfying experience for both my phone and pad. Don't get me wrong, I love iA Writer to death and it still does a stellar job, I just think Write 2 does more for less and just as effectively. The style is unique and it's like comparing apples to grapes to decide which is better. 


If you are on a budget and want a word processor for both your big and small idevices, I highly recommend the Write 2 path. As an added bonus, its compatible with the WriteMate app which turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into a typewriter for another iOS device using Write 2. A bit of a slap on feature since typing on a small screen when you have a perfectly good iPad to type on seems to lose the point somewhere. 

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