Spy Mixology

Spy Mixology
Version: v.1.3
Compatibility: iOS 4.1
Price: $2

I'm not a huge fan of Bond but I'm a fan of various drinks. I guess for those who follow the movies religiously would like to know what drinks they can whip up from the movies and that's certainly exciting. But most of the time it's never specific or even helpful. Would even a die hard fan like to know when champagne appears in the movies? Well now you can know with this app which tells you that 'Champagne is served when Bond meets so and so.' Peculiar.

Even the non-champagne related drinks are severely limited. I tried to find anything other than Vodka martinis that aren't stirred. The interface is nice enough but it's just hard to justify the purchase to people who just want a drink recipe App (to which I warn you this is NOT for those people.) It's such a niche audience that I don't fit into. I'm just squeezing every penny from my wasted money by reviewing it here. Love Bond? Want to spice up a Bond marathon with drinking? PERFECT! This is the App for you! Every one else hit the road.

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