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Take the amazing cameras of the latest iPhones, the retina displays and the connectivity of iClouds Photo Stream and you have a recipe for seamless access to your pictures. What do you do with this potential cocktail? Edit pictures on the go with your iDevice of course. There are a lot of apps in the App Store to do such a task like Photoshop Express or Pixelmator but what we’re looking at here is Snapseed.

Photo editing apps have a tendency to fail completely on several fronts due to: a lack of features, terrible interface, sluggish performance all for a terrible price. All of these leads to a bad experience for less experienced users who just want to make their pictures look good. As for the intermediate, the time it takes to get to a final result is not worth the trouble. So what makes Snapseed different? Snapseed is THE app that professional photographers use on their iPads.

With the camera connector kit, you can take the pictures from your DSLR and adjust photos on the fly with the same power as a desktop computer. Snapseed can use pictures up to 20 MP on the latest iPad which is the going rate of DSLR pics (6MP for iPad/3GS - 16MP for iPad 2/4 and 4S). For the hardcore there is an immense amount of control from the standard brightness/contrast and straighten to customizable blur effects and colour tinges.

My Cat in Tunnel Vision (Working Title in Progress)
For amateurs and Instagram fanatics the auto correct feature which does all the detail work for your untrained eyes. Following that you can play about with borders, blurs and creative enhancements such as black and white, vintage, grunge, drama and much more. It even goes as far to rival the Camera+ app that I adore and swear by with the ability to take photos in-app as well.

The best thing about Snapseed isn’t just the features and the amount of polish it has but the way the interface works. Menus aren’t obtrusive and everything is controlled by finger swipes (with the exception of selecting tools from the sidebar.) Slide up and down to swap between definitive tools while left and right utilizes your selection. It feels as natural as everything else on your iDevice and that’s what makes Snapseed so amazing.

I just realized I’ve said absolutely nothing bad about Snapseed….. Huh. Ummm…. It costs $5? It does go on sale quite frequently but I paid $5 for it days before it became free for several days. Yet I don’t regret that at all. The developer deserves the support for such an endearing and amazing result. There’s nothing more I can say that no one else has said before. Get it if you love taking pictures. Don’t get it if you like $5… <Shrugs>

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