Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard
Price: $3

Twin stick shooters on the App Store are so convulated and run of the mill, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Asteroid was fun with one, two, five-hundred and sixty new skins but when you’ve played one, you’ve pretty much played them all. With that being said here’s Beat Hazard.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the genre and the games do have an intense gameplay appeal, but I must have played about ten different games like these. Two of those I’ve played excessively in the past. The first was Pew Pew on my weak iPhone 3G and this one, Beat Hazard. What separates Beat Hazard from the pack is the music aspect.

It dwelves into your music library and you play space wars to your music which is a clever touch. Playing your music as if it’s a level isn’t just based on time, the programming uses the tempo and bass to time enemy formations and your attacks intensity is based on the activity of the song. It adds a more personal touch to the game which makes it fun.

The reward and levelling system is present but you hardly realize it’s there when you start. After playing through several songs you’ll realize there’s perks and add-ons for your spaceship. Adding on perks and ways to increase your combo is a satisfying way to aim for a higher score on songs you particularly love. But the additional attacks really mess up your game.

I was playing the iPad version and had a lot of space for my thumbs. However surrounding each stick are numerous power up attacks: bomb, shield, super laser and missiles. They are fun to use but my God do I set them off completely by accident far too frequently. Guaranteed at least three times a game I will use my super laser when no ones around and fire into complete darkness like a terrified blind child at a night club.

Can you see the game? Pretty ain't it?
However this is one of the most satisfying purchases in the App Store I’ve ever made. I keep coming back to it simply to try out new songs I have just to see how they look in Beat Hazard.

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