Being trapped in a country without access to Pandora or Spotify, I wonder sometimes what the heck I’m missing and just carry on using TuneIn. And yes, I do realize there are ways to sign up and use Pandora or Spotify even when I’m out of the region, I’m just lazy to go there. Especially while I have TuneIn to satiate myself. If you haven’t guessed, I love TuneIn. Do you know what else I love? SONGZA!

Newcomer app Songza follows in the spirit of Pandora and Spotify, streaming music playlists through a data connection. The interface and selection is insanely fun to play about with. I like to think that the initial menu reads like a ’Sunny in Philadelphia’ episode when it says ’It’s

The options that follow this are awesome, ranging from work/study to pumping yourself up for a night on the town. You will hit playlists that won’t interest you, but that just starts the sequence of questioning again until you find something interesting. Believe me you WILL find something interesting. And even if you don’t, you can add ones you like to your favourites list as a fallback.

It’s free, it plays awesome songs and I do believe it’s far more widely available.


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