Pandemic 2.5

Pandemic 2.5

Price: $1

’There are some people who want to watch the world burn.’ If you want to quench your thirst for destroying human kind, Pandemic might be up your alley. I’ve always had numerous plans for the human race and ways I could destroy it with a dangerously infectious virus, Pandemic lets me play out my hypothetical scenarios. What’s the most effective and efficient way of clearing human life from this planet? I haven’t figured it out yet but I’ve had a blast trying.

There isn’t much to visuals to this game at all, so if you’re not keen on reading I recommend you keep walking. If you’re open to new experiences, I’m glad you’re still here (I could use the viewership.) This is a simulation game with only menus and a map of the world. Touch various countries to see how well your super virus is spreading and killing. In the menu you can add symptoms (such as sneezing), conditions (disease spreads even after death), resistance to certain landscapes (spreads to hotter and colder climates) and resistance to immunization.

You have a time limit and your job is to adapt your virus from being caught and contained, reassuring the human race will continue. It’s the sheer imagination of combining these elements that make your virus so ingeniously destructive. Take this for example, combining Insomnia and Tremors will create a zombie-like virus since infected people will be walking about with zero motor skills and the consciousness of a webcomic artist.

The game doesn’t last very long which is a good thing with the way the game plays. You can have multiple play throughs, experimenting with different scenarios and conditions or just earn all the achievements to become an evil mastermind who destroys society.

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