Discovr Apps

Discovr Apps
Version: 1.3
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 4.0
Price: $1

The App Store is a deep well which has a cave at the bottom of which leads to many smaller, deeper crevices. You might find gold in these crevices. Or you might find a nest of hungry bats waiting to devour you or shit all over you. Browsing the App Store can be somewhat tedious and following those that aren't recommended or too well known occasionally leads to a regretful purchase. Genius as good as it is never has any good suggestions for me so I tend to stop using it. The top charts are usually all the same except for a new App which everyone is already all over but that usually gets the top anyway despite being on the What's Hot page. Tried and true Apps get boring sometimes and there's always the thrill of finding something new, exciting and somewhat unknown. But browsing the App Store is as fun as the actual Apple Store on a Saturday in a crowded mall… Hell.

Discovr isn't something new or unknown and is completely contradictory to all that I said before. What it does however isn't. It makes App Shopping somewhat amusing, exciting, even fun. And it's all very simple and quick. You start with an App, it can be one you already own, are recommended or one you search for. From there it recommends several just like it that you might like. If you're a veteran, you'll be likely to have some of them already. Tap one that interests you and it'll provide more options that are similar. This leads you to a web of options and possibilities, like a visual version of the App Store without the clutter and load times.

What I especially love is that double tapping the App brings up its info and screenshots. It doesn't take you to the App Store or stops the experience to force a purchase page on you, instead it accesses it through itself. You do have that option if it's what you're looking for so everyone wins. There are such features as recommendations, wish list and view by ratings/price/device which make the App all the more lovable.

My only problem is the recommendations aren't so good but that might be because I've gone over a lot of these recommendations from the actual App Store loads of time. What I do appreciate is that its made the search all the more bearable. Come on, who doesn't love that? Better than window shopping.

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