Version: 1.0
Compatible: iPad - iOS 4.0
Price: $2

I'm still looking for the iOS substitute to Hexic, a game I very much enjoyed and wreaped the full extent of my initial XBox 360 purchase. I don't know how it'd play or if it'd be even possible but I still have some sort of remnant of hope and belief that I'll open the App Store to my amazement one day. However I will say that the search provides fruitful results and that brings me to the next in my line of sight. Fractal is a new hexagonal tile based puzzle game for the iPad that shows a lot of promise.

Fractal takes place on a board filled with hexagons and blank spaces, the objective being to push the pieces to make a floral pattern or 7 tiles altogether. The learning curve is jumpy seeing as the instructions were absolutely useless but with a bit of tinkering, the rules become obvious. The concept is definitely a recipe for success seeing as it requires more thought rather than a quick finger (like our good friend Hexic.) Mix an engaging gameplay element with styled graphics and a soundtrack that clicks into place and you have an experience that rivals that of Lumines and puzzle games of that caliber.

There are several modes to choose from. Campaign (play through the levels and scenarios,) Arcade and Puzzle (both of which I hope require no explanation.) I enjoyed this game and found great satisfaction from dropping myself into its world. The biggest problem and I'm probably bitching since it's a little newborn but it crashes. To high Hell it crashes when it's getting good or when I progress through the Campaign to the point where I'm terrified to play. And when I do play I'm begging to the little iOS pixies to see me through to the next level but they simply laugh at me and kick me back to the home screen.

I'm sure it's a matter of an update or two to bring it back to speed but for now give it your support so it can get there because this is a game that has a great amount of potential.

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