Version: 1.01
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.0
Price: Free

I love retro games. The new age of technology allows us to replicate games from two decades ago and without a hiccup in processing even on phones. On top of that they don't rely on graphics but rather use the sprites to a clever degree to get an eye pleasing look.

X-Baseball impliments this well. The sound as soon as you turn it on makes the living room NES from childhood come rushing back. Simple one button gameplay mechanics, hit the ball as much as possible without getting struck out. Bananas fly from the crowd, hit them and you'll lose one strike against you.

It plays well, short and sweet as most iOS games go. But it's not without its problems however. As bare bones as it gets it neglects the simplest essential that is absolutely inexcusible to exclude. A High Score save system. The way it functions is that it saves your highest score under your Game Center id to be measured against the rest of the world. It's absolutely bizarre that it lacks this but can't really complain since after awhile it never strays from the point of the game which essentially is to be a one off mini game where you just hit the ball.

Can't go wrong. I keep coming back for its visual charm and 8 bit sound.

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