My Writing Spot (iPhone/iPod)

My Writing Spot
Version: 1.8.4
Compatible: iPhone, iPod - iOS 3.0
Price: $3

Previously I went on about ease of writing on the Mac platform, turning any MacBook or iMac into a free range, open minded page where all the user has to think about is the writing. I have the iPad and Mac covered and never ever imagined that the iPhone/iPod Touch could do the same. It does make sense however that it should but I never thought that it could be up to the task so well.

When I write I usually dedicate time after work at a coffee shop and create a mood. And even then I usually max out at 2 hours after getting settled in. Still I never thought that the iPhone, the one little know-it-all that always can to be so effective. My Writing Spot is an App in the same spirit as iA Writer but has the small developer feel (sometimes clumsy interface and odd graphics.)

Make a file, start writing and go with it. Easy as that. There are no folders but you can tag each piece with a coloured… spot? If you make Project A red then select red and it'll show all of Project A. It's odd but it works. Maybe this'll teach me to move further away from folders.

There are a fistful of fonts (3) and font sizes (also 3) as well as a reverse mode (white font on black) and an App lock mode to secure your files. Back up is done through Google which is hit or miss, I have an account but all I used it for was Gmail so now I've added another purpose to its reportoire. You can access it through the web at If you want to add some of your already written files, prepare for a fair bit of copy and pasting.

When I started using it, I found that I started making further progress with my writing projects. It wasn't comfortable but somehow I had gotten lost in them. I used to use the iPad on the bus and such times but still found it to be uncomfortable so I began sketching instead. Having My Writing Spot available in those small pockets of time was surprisingly effective at maximising my efficiency rather than browsing or checking Facebook for the 10th time. It quickly moved onto my Dock and into one of those daily Apps that I'm finding difficult thinking about living without.

On the other hand if there are any other Apps as effective or even more effective than this I think that there is opportunity for discovery here for Apps in the same bane. As it stands now this App is absolutely incredible and will blow you away. Easy, dedicated back up and a writing template that will suck you in. Usually I put on a playlist solely for writing (lyricless, serene) but I didn't even notice I had some rock blaring in my ear when I'm writing away on this App and that's saying something.

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