Version: 1.4
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.0
Price: Free

Not all the games on the App Store are mindless fun, some are mindfully fun. Ignore mindfully for a second because I swear I'm good with words despite not laying down any foundations of proof on this blurb here. There are a small percentage of games that require a bit more thought whether it be word games or puzzle games that requires a sit down and think it through approach. Jangle (formerly Squabble) is a word game taking random letters and turning them into words.

You can either play and pass or play online against other players, taking turns to see who can make the better arrangement. The scoring is Scrabble words, just there is no Scrabble board to play on. As a result the game comes off as a quick fire round of Scrabble without the bickering and arguing over whose turn it is. There is also a 1 player mode against the computer for those ‘Forever Alone’ types.

There's not much to say other than that. It has a scoring system like on Yahoo games where each win or loss has your overall score going up or down. There is no Game Center support and it plays well on both Pad or Pod/Phone. Me and my Fiancee use it as a time killer when waiting for a bus, movie etc.

Here's the bottom line. Love word games? Got someone in the vicinity? Looking for a quick laugh. GO!

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