Draw Something

Draw Something

Price: Free ($2 ad-free)

Draw Something is a game that gives you the ability to humiliate yourself in front of your friends and family directly by showing them some of your shoddy stick figures or ’artwork’. One of the keys to a healthy brain is being able to communicate your thoughts and this can take several routes such as speech, body movements or in this case drawing. The game goes back and forth in turns with you guessing an opponents picture while you draw one for them in an endless cycle until the other party gets super bored.

I don’t know if I was breaking any rules when I played Draw Something but I used a POGO stylus. Sometimes the real estate of the iPad version made things much easier but it’s just blown up from the small screen variety. This game doesn’t require the ability to draw but to communicate with imagery. For artists I prefer to think Draw Something as practice to expand from our comfort zone.

My l33t drawing skills
Is the game any good? It’s fun no doubt but it gets old over time with the lack of any real goal or direction. But that might just be the gamer in me screaming.

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