There used to be a service called 'Read It Later' whose name popped up around the Tech blogs. Curious about it, I read about it and couldn’t fathom a need for such an odd concept. Read it later? Why not read it now? What purpose would such a thing serve? And on I went.

Recently I found myself browsing through articles on Zite. One I found of interest, I post to my Facebook wall for my own reference for later. 'If only there was a better way!' I cried out and saw the little pocket icon in Zite. Read It Later evolved into Pocket, which is pretty much the same thing it used to be but in a shinier and more efficient package.

Quickly I set up an account, got the app and started searching for more ways to use it. I even found the Safari plug in and I find myself in business of keeping my reference links in order. The app (big screen or small) works by initially downloading and saving these links for offline reading in either webpage mode or reader mode. Personally I find it useful as an internet swipe file thats always with me.

Once again there’s the cloud done right here with access to these links in your app or from the web without file mishaps or loss of data. Best of all, it’s free to use.

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