The Lost City

The Lost City
Price: $1

Back in the 90’s point and click games like Myst and Broken Sword were extremely popular. They’re slowly making a comeback with remakes or Telltales own variations with Back to the Future, the Walking Dead and even Jurassic Park, most of which is on the iOS App Store as well as PSN and XBox Live. A similar game that fell way under the radar is The Lost City. I played through the game on the iPhone with few issues with the pointing or the clicking but it’s iPad compatible and probably more advisable to take that route.

The game is entirely centered on puzzles within a temple in the middle of the jungle. There is no story nor dramatic, intense action sequences these games tend to have. With that said, the game is very laid-back and easy-going. Puzzles in the game consist of gathering bits and bobs from around the map and using them in specific ways (use rope on branch to climb down cliff, use square stone tile on square indent.) The real difficulty lies in remembering where each item can be used, especially as the map expands larger and larger. Good thing there’s a map, however using it disrupts the flow of the game.

Easily the most memorable part of the Lost City is the beautiful visuals. I mean wow. Each page is detailed and mesmerizing to look at while playing. You can tell the Developer wanted to take it a step farther by adding season elements. Visiting one of four alters on the map changes the setting to either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. That part is worth it alone. The game isn’t too long or short but the right length. You’ll beat it in time to find you got your moneys worth and reach a feeling of fulfillment by the end. A great game to advise those who aren't fans of touch screen gaming.

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