All Talk

All Talk
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Ever hear of the game Taboo? I played it at a party once while being sober and trying to explain things like a doofus to a team of hammered morons. All Talk is the same game without the alcohol (or maybe you’re drinking with your iPhone/iPad, in that case if you break it, your hangover will double.)

Anyway, if you aren’t familiar with Taboo here’s a simple explanation. You have to describe a word to another person(s) while side stepping certain words. For example try to explain the word McDonalds without saying burgers or arches. All Talk follows the same gameplay and ties it up with the turn by turn system that smartphone games seem to be enjoying right now.

In theory the game works, speak into the microphone your description and send it to a friend. Hear and guess their word (and so on and so forth.) The problem in comparison with games like Draw Something or Hero Academy is that people don’t want to talk. Imagine being on the bus and suddenly descriping a porcupine out of the blue, they’ll think you’re mad! This is one game that didn’t last too long for me due to lack of interest from others and severe embarassment on my part. Yeah I can draw a crummy picture in Draw Something or guess songs like a mule in Song Pop but All Talk is too difficult to stay invested. Play at your own risk.

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