Vs. Racing

Vs. Racing
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Small Screen iOS' Devices Adviseable

Touch screen games... I realize all of the games I look at here are for touch screen devices but sometimes they don’t feel awkward, except maybe Beat Hazard where I keep setting off powerups when I don’t intend to. There are games I enjoy where the touch screen aspect sometimes gets in the way.

Vs. Racing has a good idea and even a good feel half the time. It’s a top down racer in short racing bursts with most races taking no more than a minute to finish. The tracks are riddled with narrow roads, sharp turns, water traps or dirt to slow you down from completing the race. Vs. Racing looks good and satisfies on the same level as many iOS games like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds.

My issue lies with the controls. I’ll be getting into the race and halfway through lose everything because my thumb would be in the wrong place. Games like these like so many others depend on a virtual feel inside the game to gauge our precise and sensitive movements. Vs. Racing has suffered the most from the lack of this since you need to train yourself to recalibrate your thumb, sometimes within the heat of an intense 60 seconds.

When I did have a feel for it though, there was nothing like skidding along the track, overlapping the front car and taking the gold.

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