Got your 2013 resolutions in order? I myself (like everybody who is actually human) have trouble adhering things I want to do with my life and keeping them around long enough to become apart of my life. Help me! I yelled at Siri. She didn’t understand me very well so I sifted through the App Store. I need an app to help me with my resolutions. My most important one is to finish what I



Compatible: All iOS devices iOS 5.0 and later

Price: Free

So here’s Lift, an app that buddifies the whole instilling positive habit thing without bothering friends or family with your whiny neediness. It’s free and simple to use, select habits you’d like to start doing from a very, very, very extensive list. You want to read more? Go to bed by a certain time? Drink more? Go to the gym more frequently? Pick it and create your own list. Now each and every day you actually do these things, you can check it off and fill out the chart. What will you get then? Nothing really but the act of checking it off day after day is extremely satisfying.

Me and My progress. Granted I just started using it but it's a good starting step for change.

It’s a great way of journaling your activity and get some actual support from your phone (within reason.) Notifications and scheduling these activities don’t always work but rather irritate and bug the living crap out of you when you see that you’re not doing it. Go easy on yourself to start and Lift is the first step to get you there. I definitely advise it and it never hurts to try a free app. Plus you can force your friends and family into supporting you by sharing your progress over Facebook or Twitter. Guilt trip ftw!


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