There’s a lot of App Store catalogue apps or freebie of the day apps. You can tell which bring great apps to the free side when you see a new app take the top free app spot (that formerly wasn’t there). The catalogue apps tend to complicate and convulate the screen with too many buttons and apps, the worst ones I know show far too little. However there is one in particular that takes my hearts fancy is Appsfire for several reasons

Compatible: iPhone / iPad

Price: Free

I love the App Store but have some gripes with the mobile version. First of which is a wish list on the go rather than taking screencaps like some sort of prehistoric gimp? Recently I’ve taken to Appsfire where I can make a wish list and not only is that awesome, it’ll give me a notification when it goes on sale.

Appsfire has a good information::visual per pixel ratio

So what makes this app an essential in my app library? Well it lets me save money on potential app purchases with an app wish list that alerts me to sales that aren't extremely well advertised or lost in a wave of seasonal price drops. It also helps me tick off app purchases one by one so I can slowly introduce each onto my iDevices so that I actually use them. This is a big problem where I buy apps that take up space and time but are hardly ever used or played.On top of that it provides amazing in depth information on top of typical reviews, versions, size but it also gives a pricing history so I can gauge if it’s the type of app that never goes on sale. It's a cross platform app for both iPhone and iPad but both works with their respective devices. For instance I tried to look up Clibe on the iPhone version (iPad exclusive) but it only came up on the iPad. I discovered that its never been on sale ever which means $5 is a take it or leave it price. Let me save you the cliffhanger and suspense, I took it.

Of all the App Store guides, I find this to be the one to stand by because it avoids giving obvious choices. You like sketching? Why not try SketchBook Mobile! Give me something flipping new! It's informative, contributes something helpful and doesn't bombard me with advertisements and lousy suggestions. It's free and worth a try, if you hate it leave a comment and suggest a better alternative. I'll pitch them in a cage match and see which one emerges covered in blood and alive.

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  1. Thanks so much for the insightful review!

    Ouriel Ohayon

    PS: you can, if you want, and by activating the filter, view iPad apps on the iPhone and iPhone apps on the iPad