The 12 Days of Free stuff from Apple after the Holidays showed me some exciting new apps that I didn't even know existed. Score! being the one I was most surprised by. I love Football but have never gotten into touchscreen variations, Fifa being the main offender of terrible controls (and taking up way too much disk space.) Does Score! scratch that itch for Footie on the go or is it just another Angry Birds knock off?

Compatible: iPhone 3GS+, iPad

Price: Free

Score! follows the popular iOS gaming scheme of playing each level, earning 3 stars and a perfect score on each. Each set of stages takes a decade of famous international goals in various Euro and World Cup competitions and their qualifying matches. Your main objective is to flick the perfect passes (clearly marked) and make the perfect shots by swiping the touch screen. The gameplay is addictive, easily played with one hand on the iPhone (but similarly played on the iPad for added accuracy).

The graphics are quite good which is surprising considering this game only takes up 34MB. So let's see the facts, fun, addictive gameplay? Check. Great price tag? Check. Low disk capacity? Check. So does the game have any problems? The one gripe I have with it is the lack of clarity when it comes to getting a 3 star score. Swiping perfectly along the dotted line is an exercise that takes getting used to but restarting each level is quick to do.

Bottom line, it's not the perfect Football game since it doesn't offer traditional controls such as free passing and the like. However it's one of the better alternatives in the App Store, the feeling of scoring a goal in this game is incredibly satisfying. The developers who made this game made a perfect free kick, swerving past repetitive gameplay and buggy programming to the back of the net.


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