Version: 1.0.2
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.0
Price: $5

I must admit a sad fact as I delve deeper into the world of iOS that I believe to be an eventuality. Ive become somewhat of a casual gamer and its getting harder to tear me away from the dollar store of games. With traditional third party developers like Ubisoft and EA making really compelling arguments to stay on iOS gaming, Ive found it hard to tear myself away from casual gaming. Especially as it replicates its home console predecessors more and more as time goes by.

One such game I wanted to get for the 360 was NBA Jam, an old school favourite that I contemplated slamming down 60 bones for. My procrastination on making a decision paid off as the release of NBA Jam to the App Store arrived to much fan fare in my brain

What can I say? I freaking love this game. You lose the feeling of touch screen controls and get into arcade basketball jamming so fast its like a dream come true. Graphics are amazing and the sounds are vivid. I kid you not a very faithful version of a childhood memory.

If you have no idea what NBA Jam is let me attempt an explanation. 2 on 2 basketball with caricature versions of real and legendary figures (presidents included.) The game is farfetched and over the top with crazy dunks and bent rules. Its the best parts of the games and everything you always wanted to do with a basketball and net.

On the lighter/darker side its $5 however EA is one of the developers which has regular sales. Just a few weeks ago it was only a dollar. If you can spare the money, I say go for it. Not many iOS games I return to for more so quickly.

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