Stash Free/Pro

Version: 1.8
Compatible: iPad 4.0 / iPod 4G / iPhone 3GS+4
Price: Free / $4

This is an App that I learned a valuable lesson from and hope to share my wisdom with you. I’m just lucky the purchase wasn’t all bad but a sober mind and doubt argues otherwise. Story is I had Stash Free so I can store pictures and files of a fragile nature from the eyes of those who I may show things on the iPad. The free version allows for 20 pictures to be stored behind a cleverly hidden App that certainly doesn’t look enticing to younger eyes. This was all I needed and it does what it advertises extremely well. After all the photos App can be easily accessed and with my frequent use as a go between with Art Apps I needed a specific place for it to go.

But on a solemn quiet night with a beer and the App in hand, I tried to hide away a few more pics to which it says this is the end of the road for the free version. In a right mind I would have been able to choose the best of the best of the files but instead I plopped down $4 for the full version. I feel quite lucky that it’s not as bad as it could have turned out because the features of this App (as simple as it may be) are quite useful since the iPad (or Touch, whichever you’re using) has no ways of hiding videos or pictures. Once you’re past the home screen, the world is your playground. The lack of a strict file system takes away the safety of password protection of word documents and the like.

Stash has a nice file system and reasonable customization for the user at hand. For example, you could choose to retrieve it through the App and delete it later. Or you can get files straight from the in-app browser (another upgrade.) You can place it safely through iTunes as well. Another thing I found neat is that it can be a dead end or it can be accessed through the web although I’m unsure if that costs extra. I was happy with what I got, a simple, customizable file safe that I can access through iOS and it won’t lead you awry. 

So let this be a lesson to all of you, don’t drink and App shop or you just might wake up the next morning with a massive headache and *gasp* Angry Birds on your home page.

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