Infinity Blade

Version: 1.3
Compatible: iPhone (3GS/4), iPod (3rd/4th), iPad - iOS 3.2
Price: $6

I once said I was blown away by the visuals of Planetarium. However impressive, it was clever use of the human mind to bestow wonder and awe through the small window into the Universe (that is the iPad.) Playing Infinity Blade will bring the Faithless to their knees and believe in the power hidden beneath the iPads sleek and elegant design. There isn’t anything I can say other than this game is painstakingly beautiful and amazing graphically. It is the very reason many are flocking to this game and for good reason.

Let me say this right now, the visuals are the biggest point of the game but it’s not without its merit. As much as it feels that you’re playing a painting rather than a game (seriously, you can view your surroundings and other than finding treasure and little secrets, you can’t help but feel the entire point is to see how detailed this game is) there is an iOS simplistic game underneath it all. I don’t mean that in a negative sense at all either, iOS games have a certain criteria which gives them an identity and that’s a positive thing.

The game goes round and round in an infinite time loop, you travel the path, fight numerous warriors, become stronger and work your way to the final boss. Two things can happen here, you die or you kill him. After your demise you’re taken back to the beginning (with your new strength intact as the next generation in that warriors lineage) and fight your way back to him with the hopes that you’ll succeed in obtaining the latter.

Combat takes the form of skillful swipes rather than having buttons or being told when to swipe. You can block or parry if you’re good enough, strike weak points if you’re quick enough or use magic if you’re patient enough. The possibilities are impressive as the variety of gamer that happens to pick this up can choose so at their own discretion. I being a more aggressive fighter hacked and chopped my way continuously to the end and have yet to defeat the Warlord. As much as I am aggressive, I’m also a bit of a completionist so I’d rather get as much as I possibly can before defeating him so that I can be prepared for whatever lies beyond door number two.

The best thing about this game is it’s not even one of the most expensive iPad/iPhone Apps however if you don’t have the power or capacity to play it then I advise against it as it does take a bit of the RAM. If you’re willing to devote the entire device and a space of your time only on it, then by all means. It started off as a Tech Demo and it still looks like one but it’s completed enough to be considered a full on game even by my ridiculous rules.

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