Bust a Move HD

Version: 1.0.0
Compatible: iPad - iOS 3.2
Price: $5

Jumping in and getting right to the point of the matter, Bust-A-Move HD is Tetris for the skilled hand. Tetris requires a little more thought and goes downwards, whereas Bust-A-Move requires more skill and goes upwards (and has dinosaurs.) I bought the game purely based on the name and reputation it holds, since my iPad goes with me everywhere I figured it’d be good for a laugh.

It’s an old tried and true game dating back several generations and iterations in the gaming world. There are islands of coloured orbs at the top of the screen and the intention is to knock them down by launching another orb of matching colour into them, making the island crash down. This is the core of the game and so far only has two game modes with more promised to come. Story mode has several curveballs that gets thrown into the mix to keep things interesting. Overall, it’s an action puzzle game.

It’s hard to review a game that is already established as a good buy so the only way I can approach this in my mind is to comment on the format it’s being applied to and that’s the iPad. When I played it up at first it took getting used to, taking my finger off the screen would make the planned direction veer off in an odd direction and mess things up for me. It’s a bit of a learning curve that can’t easily be ironed out with practice.

Fun game. Good graphics. Time killer. What can I say? The game’s tried and true.

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