Outliner (iPad)

Version: 2.6.2
Compatible: iPad - iOS 3.2
Price: $5

Chalk this up to the big pile of regrets I have when it comes to App purchases involving money. It’s not a bad App, don’t get me wrong it’s just not something worth $5. It’s a glorified list maker. If you make a to do list, you won’t get any notifications saying when it needs to be due unless you open it, stare at it and check it off yourself.

Explaining it is rather simple. You have expandable/collapsable sections to your liking and you make lists in each of these groups. You can provide an explanation or even detailed text under the section if you’d like but it raises a little window and is separate from everything else. You can check off certain things for whatever reason and you can collapse the groups if you please to make everything neat and tidy.

The exporting options quite frankly are awful. There was a back up, sync account you can sign up for but I have no idea where it goes and signed up for an account. You can e-mail your outline as a simple text or full on text but from there on you can’t check things off or have any of the advanced options in the App nor is it compatible with any programs on any computer.

If you really love making lists and require a substantial amount of options, then don’t do it still because there are surely better options for $5. Run away. Run far away.

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