Version: 1.1
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 4.2
Price: $2

Wireless data transfer over wifi is an amazing convenience and until iDevices can sync over the air, we’ll have to settle for multiple Apps divided into several categories that can do it. Enter PhotoSync, an App that has a desktop Application on Mac/Windows that receives/sends pictures over wifi or bluetooth. The Client is free but the iOS App will set you back $2.

There’s other alternatives out there to doing what PhotoSync does but it’s difficult to ignore how well PhotoSync seamlessly sends your pics to your Computer or even receives pics from other phones or Computers. Putting pictures onto Dropbox is free (and a tedious experience I might add, selecting each and every picture and then waiting for each one to upload.)

Nothing else I can say other than it simplifies syncing pics down to a bodily function. Before this all my pics bunched up and gathered over time. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m unorganized but every time I sync up my devices I have so much to manage with music, videos, books and each individual art Apps. It’s nice to just send the pics and then pick them up in a folder on your comp.

$2 that I was glad to part with. What about you?

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