Byword for Mac

Byword for Mac

Version: 1.3
Price: $10

Let me say this now, I waited a long while for iA Writer to come to the Desktop. I checked every damn day and couldn’t find any sort of news source or outlet to track the progress so all I could do was check the Mac App Store day after day. I grew impatient of Pages and OpenOffice because of the clutter. Call me simple minded or easily distracted but I like to look straight ahead and focus on the task. Thats how the horse wins the race after all. I went to what was currently available and put money down on a good horse (what’s with me and the horse analogies today?)

Byword for Mac is iA Writers doppelganger. When I first got it I had to check if it was from a different company or maybe they released it under a new name and logo but it wasn’t. Full screen with only the bare minimal of options (that are tucked away only to be needed to make tweaks to the interface.) These adjustments consist of black against white (and vice versa), how wide the paragraphs are, how many lines you want to focus on, font and default text format.

If you wish to know how much I thrive by this App, all my writing is done through Byword. Its simple, looks good and is easily accessible. I don’t need to mess with paragraph formats, images, margins and all that palaver. Even now that the Ai Writer Desktop App has recently been unleashed onto the world I feel cautious about it. It’s one of those things that it’s only necessary to have one and if you’re on a budget right now I’ll recommend Byword without hesitation because it’s almost half the price.

I still aim to get it to make the comparison however if you have the iPad iA Writer App and want one for the Desktop and are torn, Byword does exactly what the iA Writer does just on the desktop. In fact, the iA Writer iPad App and Byword go hand in hand I find as I implemented both into my Dropbox cloud setup.

If you’re write a new piece on the iPad App, save to Dropbox. Then from your Mac, open up the file from Dropbox and resume with Byword (and vice versa.) Of course I recommend backing up these files onto solid hard disk just to be safe.

Bottom line, I’m in no rush to get the iA Writer App because Byword is everything I need. I think $10 was a bit harsh but if it’s biggest rival is asking for far more it becomes even easier to recommend.

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