Tilt To Live

Tilt To Live

Version: 1.7.3 (1.5.2 HD)
Compatible: iPhone, iPod, iPad - iOS 3.0 (iPad - iOS 3.2 HD)
Price: Lite Version Reviewed - $3 ($5 HD)

Tilt to Live is an oddity on my iOS gaming deck. It’s something I can safely play for a few minutes a month and be content yet somehow wonder what differs between the Lite and the Soul-Suck Version. It’s entertaining and addictive but when I forget its there I hardly touch it.

Skip to the synopsis! It’s a game where you control an arrow and move said arrow with gyroscopic movements with the device. Namely, tilt the iPad/iPhone/iPod to avoid red dots of death and use power-ups to fight back for massive damage. The name of the game is survival and a High Score.

Fun for the whole family! Well made and certainly a testament to the hardware. But I’ll be honest, I’ve been getting on fine with the Lite version and keep wondering how the full can enrich my life. When the moneys plopped down I have this expectation bar that rises and it can’t be good for a laugh anymore, it HAS to be good for a laugh. Call me cheap but bang for the buck for the consumer is the element to this review.

A dollar or two seems reasonable but the admission price for the full show is quite steep and it’s not even a one size fits all. How much better can it get beyond what I’m seeing? Apparently 4 more game modes, several power-ups, wireless multiplayer and more achievements. I’m having fun now, so why congest it with more weight?

For now I’ll sit with content with what I’ve got and merely toy with the idea of crossing that line into the green.

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